My Life Lessons

I may only be in my late 20’s, but what life has thrown into my path this far already has taught me so much. Over the past few years, I have been putting together my own little list of lessons to myself. Little reminders of the most important things that I need to remember on a daily basis.

I have been blessed with many opportunities and obstacles to overcome which have taught me a world of wisdom (I’m not in any way trying to say I know how to live the perfect life, but I am learning each and every day how to live a happier one through these lessons).

Music has always been and, I suspect, will always be the medium through which I can release all my emotions. The way I can deal with the highs and the lows of life and gain some perspective to what is going on around me.

But sometimes, you just need a short and sweet one-liner to snap you back. Sometimes when things are going wrong you just need the right words to set you back on track, you know?

So far, I have 12 life lessons which I have outlined for you all here.

These are the ones I read daily, and they have led me in better directions since I have learned them. I think as humans we all need the experience of a situation before we can truly learn the lesson we need to, or in simple terms, we need to learn the hard way. And trust me, I’ve never once learned the easy way!

I hope that you can gain some insight or wisdom from the lessons I have learned so far, I’m sure there will be more to come!

1. If something you want to do feels wrong, it is.

You know when you have that feeling in your gut that you shouldn’t do something, you know with every inch of your body that it won’t be good for you? But the thought of it seems so exciting and inviting that you long to do it? The excitement draws you in, and in the long run you realise you should have listened to yourself.

Well, I have come to learn that, sometimes the thrill of whatever it is that is drawing you in will be nowhere near as strong as the pain it may cause you later on. The very first person you need to learn to trust is yourself. So do it.

2. If someone says they aren’t ready, they aren’t.

Sometimes in life, words do mean more than actions.

That might seem opposing to everything we’ve always heard about actions speaking louder than words, but I think it really depends on the situation.

At times, people will tell you that they aren’t ready, or that they don’t want to do something. But then they will follow you in doing it anyway. You know that thrill that I spoke about above in my first lesson? When you know you shouldn’t do something but you do anyway, even though you know it won’t be good for you?

Well, sometimes we need to allow people the space to listen to themselves as well. Don’t push. It’s not always about what you want.

3. Money is not the root of all evil, fear is.

They say money is the root of all evil. Yes it leads to greed, and loneliness, and want, and a range of other emotions that are not really ideal for a life full of happiness and gratitude.

But, is it really the worst thing in the world? I personally don’t think so.

I think that we deny ourselves the most through our fears. We deny ourselves opportunities every day because we fear failure, rejection, being judged, embarrassing ourselves or the simple fact that we might show how flawed we are.

But what if we shed those fears? Just imagine how much we could accomplish, how fast we would grow as people and how happy we would be if we weren’t afraid all the time.

4. The secret to happiness is in the acceptance of yourself.

This might seem so simple, but so many of us struggle with this.

We all hear the mantras daily about loving ourselves but many of us don’t. We hide our flaws from others and while we are trying to project our ‘perfect’ selves out into the world a lot to the time we forget to actually be ourselves.

With some gratitude for what we have, and some love of what makes each and every one of us unique, we can truly find happiness within ourselves.

5. If you don’t like what someone else says to you, you can walk away.

This is one I have been learning more and more recently.

Why fill your life with negativity by responding to someone? You don’t need to say anything, you don’t even need to think anything. That person has their own life to live, and their own lessons to learn. And the biggest lesson you can teach yourself is to just let them go and do just that. Just walk away.


6. Failure is good.

Now don’t mistake this as a literal statement. What I mean by this is that every time you try to do something and it doesn’t work out, analyse why and try again.

Nobody knows how to do anything perfectly the first time around. It takes trial and error. And those errors are what teaches us what we need to change and adapt to do better the next time.

This one relates to work, goals and even your own happiness!

7. When anger arises, step away until it dissipates.

Similar to above, why add more negativity to a situation?

If somebody does something to annoy you, or that you simply find frustrating, instead of lashing out step away and find a peaceful place to breathe and realise what it is that is really motivating your annoyance.

Fire does not put out fire, and not only will your anger create a totally negative atmosphere for everything, it will also make you unhappy.

So breathe, things can be worked out without getting your blood pressure up!

8. Keep yourself open to different perspectives, you aren’t always right.

We are all completely unique, and this also includes our opinions and what is most important to us in the world.

What may be everything to you, may not be to somebody else, and that is ok. The most important thing to remember is that our uniqueness is what makes each of us beautiful, it’s what makes the world so interesting.

Sometimes by listening to someone else’s opinion or story, you might even learn something you’d never even considered before!

9. Whatever it is that you think you can’t handle, you can, and you will.

From someone who has had their fair shares of issues, obstacles and mental health difficulties, trust me when I say I have had many days when I thought that I couldn’t handle something.

Now, however, I have a healthier perspective. Now I will either take a step back and come up with a plan of action to tackle whatever it is that might seem so impossible, or I will realise that some things cannot be changed and instead focus on what lesson I can learn from this particular situation.

10. Heal your wounds.

Mental health is one of the most important things we can look after, especially today with social media and all of the negativity fed to us on a daily basis.

But, one thing I have noticed is that, when it comes to a physical wound, people will automatically run to the first aid kit or the medicine cabinet and take something to help heal whatever ails them. It’s about time we started to do the same for our mental health as well.

So, find whatever it is that is healing to you, and do it. Regularly.

11. If you want something in life, do the work to get it.

How disappointing would it be, if at the end of your life, you looked back and seen that you had spent all that time waiting for that magical day to come when all of your dreams come true, and it never did?

How about, instead, you focus on your goals and everything you want from your life, and break it down into small steps? Take each day at a time, and work towards building the life that you want and who you want to be.

I’m starting to see every day through this exact practice, just how many unbelievable and amazing things happen, when you’re working towards your end goal.

Even if you never achieve the complete end goal, you can take my word for it, you’ll be happy with all you will have accumulated along the way!

12. Your moods are contagious. Share positive energy.

They say sneezes are contagious. But did you know that smiles are too?

Have you ever heard someone laughing so hard that you couldn’t help but laugh along too? Even when you had no idea what they were laughing at?

Well, you may not need to go to that extreme all of the time (although it is definitely always cathartic to have a good laugh!) simply having a positive outlook on life can be contagious. You’ll be amazed how many people around you will catch on to your way of thinking and, without even realising, make it their own too!

So, there you have it. The most important lessons I have learned so far.

I hope some of them have been enlightening for you, or at the very least you had an enjoyable read!

Now, go and learn your own lessons, spread positivity into the world and have a fantastic day!

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